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    First thing that really made us sit up and go, there probably is a drama in this was when we met Tracy Daszkiewicz, says Lawn.had to force a lot of stuff out of her, about sleeping in her office and doing things where it was just a whole side of the response that we didn have a clue about, recalls Patterson.forget about the collateral damage in terms of human lives and how severe it was. And it certainly wasn a joke or something to laugh about if you live there.was blown away by her story, and by her as a woman when we got to meet her, she elaborates.Duff was drawn to the role because of the lack of recognition Daszkiewicz was given in the press coverage around the poisonings.could be lots of reasons for that, the obvious one being gender, but also just perhaps she comes from this other world; she not a bureaucrat, she not part of that club. Who was Dawn Sturgess?Sturgess who was 44 when she died is portrayed by Sweden born MyAnna Buring, who notes the mother of three very much dismissed by most media outlets as being a sort of homeless drug addict But was a woman who could not be dismissed, just with a simple phrase, reflects the actress.was not a homeless drug addict; she was a real human being who had real issues that a lot of people in this country face and go through, Buring said.came from an incredibly warm, beautiful, loving family but, yeah, she was struggling with demons.

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